...and the trip home from Oregon turned out to be the turning point. I realized I could now Get My Life Back. It seemed a dazzling possibility after a few years of care giving and sadness.

So, to truncate, ex-corporate girl went back to the corporate world and here we are, 6 months into a new job which I love. Love. Love! Furthermore, it comes with a paycheck, which means:

It's Restoration Time, Baby!
1/15/2013 06:10:40 am

Hi! I live in central tx and my husband and I just bought a spartan to live in full time!! I would love to keep up with you and I plan to start my own blog that I would love to ad you as a favorite!


Ryan n Ivy
7/7/2013 06:15:47 am

Hi there, I've read your entire blog and was endlessly amused. Great writing! A few weeks ago, my wife and I purchased a '50 Royal Mansion in Brownwood. This 'ol girl needs loads of work, but she's got good bones. We, too, are planning to blog about our re-building and, hopefully, traveling adventures. We live in New Braunfels. Looks like there will be a few cool Spartans dotted around the area!


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