So, an excellent question came up the other day from one of my faithful readers (Ahem, my friend Suzanne): Does the trailer have a name?

And, interestingly, the people over at the Vintage Trailer group on Yahoo were having the very same conversation about their trailers. 

Don't you wish you owned The Glammed Ham, also known as Cardinal Sin? Damn. You think she's having any fun? I do. Or The Chiclet, of which the owner simply says, “It is small, shaped like a piece of Chiclets gum, and owned by a chick”. Man, my trailer looks nothing like a chiclet. It would have to be The Doublemint King Size.

Some trailers have more mystical names: Moonbeam, Hideaway, Woodstock. Funny names: The Tin Pirate, Bee's Knees, The Astro Lounge (I bet you could get a drink there, yes, siree). Vintage girl names: Betty, Rosie the Riveter. And, of course, Bad-Girl names. I love these! Runaway Sue, Calamity Jane, Trixie, Pricilla. Hot Child in the City-kinda names.

All these fabulous names, stories and even pictures just make me yearn. Because while it seems like there are a lot of named trailers out trailer is not one of them.


In my family, we always just called it “The Trailer”. I am tempted to fib to make myself look cooler by saying we at least called it “The Spartan” but lying to total strangers on the internet, while a tradition in itself, is not for me.

Truly, it seems a trailer has to earn it's name spontaneously. So, I'm kinda hoping something will come up on our trip. 

Something that does not recall doom like “The Blowout”, “The Inferno” or “The WTFWIT?”.

I'll keep you posted.

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