Al-righty. Let's talk about this ole trip plan in detail. 
We are set to leave Salem, OR on June 2 and drive like hell to Boise, UT on Day 1. Why? Because we'll be full of fire and ready to feel like we are on a Road Trip already.

After a quick night in Boise, it's off to Salt Lake City, UT. Actually, Provo, UT. My fabulous friend Roma (yes, my daughter is named Roma, too. But this Roma is all growed up.) lives there in her ancestral home. That's a polite way of saying she is back at her parents while she's finishing up design school. And trust me: she is amazing at anything visual even without the formal-ness of an education, so we are all waiting to see what kinda kick-ass she lets loose on the world once she is “qualified”.

Anyhoo, Roma will be waiting with open arms, real showers and a bed-under-a-real-roof per camper for the night. Thanks Mom and Dad! Awesome. You are never too old to have your kids' friends come crash, raid the fridge and generally wreak havoc on your otherwise peaceful home. Hell, we can even spin some laundry. So, we will spend an extra day there, hopefully hitting the local farmer's market and gabbing up a storm.

From there it is on to Moab, UT, where we will pose as capable outdoor adventure enthusiasts. Or at least I will. Mary and Tiffany are the kinda gals who actually own Tevo sandals. I am not.

I do love the outdoors- but I'm pretty much a picnic-and-light-hike type. My girlfriend Laura, who will be on the trip, calls what we like “glam-ping”. (Glamour camping) Meaning: I need a pretty trailer to sleep in at the end of the day and pas de bugs, pleese. Style, baby, style.

Then it's off to Canon City, Co, where we will soak up the vintage ambiance at the Starlite (do I dare to make it hot? Yes, I do dare. The Starlite!) and spend another day enjoying beautiful country.

Next stop, Albuquerque, NM. Have you ever been there? It's charming and the food is amazing. It's like being on vacation in a movie. Great cafes, art- it just exudes cool and hip. Of course, we have to linger there a day, too. Maybe zip over to Santa Fe and admire the Southwest chic.

Albuquerque to Lubbock, TX, where my friend Anna owns Little Red Riding Hood, a nursery/ plant boutique so special it was featured in Southern Living magazine. Ya'll, to a Southerner that's like being on Oprah. It means you are much higher quality than other folks.

And yes, I do know truly amazing women. I'm so damn lucky. C'mon, don't be jealous! Join us! We luvvv other cool people!!

From Lubbock to Austin- Wimberly, TX,- actually. My in-laws will welcome us with the aforementioned creature comforts we last had in Salt Lake City. MOOOOM! I'm Home!!

Then it's just a scoot back to Houston, where my friend Nichole (yes, also amazing, bien sur) has graciously allowed me to homestead the trailer on her 14 acre property until the Fall when it will be cool enough to even think about it again.

10 days. A whole bunch a friends, family and general coolness. I can't wait!

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