Here is a picture of Roger with the trailer circa 1972. 
Thanks Susan! 
Not that I expect any sympathy from true Northern types, but we are mighty cold in Texas tonight. Temperatures did not venture above freezing today and tomorrow looks about the same or colder. Mind you: some years we don't even get a freeze, much less a hard freeze. 

So my little cryogenic trailer is in deep, de chill. But my brain is all a flutter with the upcoming rally. Yes, the dawning of February means that March is close, and I can't wait to get out on the road with my silver home in tow. 

That's right, me n the Nerds will be out with our vintage beasties enjoying the Spring wildflowers at Lake Somerville the third week-end in March. Want. It. Now. 

So, even though I'm not part of country enduring Snowpocolypse, I'm still one of the many whiling away the Winter thinking of idyllic warm days to come.