Q: So, did y'all die in a fiery crash? Run off to Mexico? Abandon the trailer on the side of a road and just walk away? 
A: Ummm, no. We just got to having waaaay too much fun to stop and blog, especially as staying wired was a bigger challenge than expected. 

Q: Are you just too good to blog now? Too high falutin'? 
A: Sorry. Just mired in elder care issues. Spending time between Oregon with my parents and Texas with my family. 

Q: Do you have any advice for anyone who inherits or otherwise succumbs to a trailer at an improbable location? 
A: Yes. Listen closely, children: Do. Not. Attempt. This. Without. Your. Girlfriends. It's alllll about the right team. 

Q: How far was the planned 2,500 mile trip? 
A: 3,105 miles, thankyouverymuch. 

Q: Where is the lovely silver lady now? 
A: She's been summering in a friend's pasture, just outside of Houston. Hopefully drying out. 

Q: When're you gonna git back on the horse? 
A: Oct 22-24 we will be at the Vintage Trailer Rally in Bastrop, Texas at the State Park. C'mon out!