...and the trip home from Oregon turned out to be the turning point. I realized I could now Get My Life Back. It seemed a dazzling possibility after a few years of care giving and sadness.

So, to truncate, ex-corporate girl went back to the corporate world and here we are, 6 months into a new job which I love. Love. Love! Furthermore, it comes with a paycheck, which means:

It's Restoration Time, Baby!
Ok, folks. We can get caught up real quick on a few major plot points, and get this vintage trailer blog back on the road. (See what I did there? I'm obviously unrepentant.)

So, when we parted I was 6 months post joining the Dead Parent Club, a Club which I sincerely hope & suggest you stay the hell away from. Things got Worse. Worse as in Very, Very, Very Bad. The first holiday season after a death is renowned to be brutal, for an excellent reason. It. Is. Excruciating.

In the Spring, my parent's house sold. I spent 2 months in Oregon, packing my distraught mother up and shepherding an endless parade of kindly repairmen through the house as they made expensive repairs we could not afford. The buyers delighted us by coming back twice with more repairs AND a lower offer. It rained record amounts, and for Oregon, that's saying something. At long last, we welcomed the movers with shell-shocked faces and loaded up the moving van with at least 3x what could possibly fit in my mom's new senior living apartment. The next morning, I deposited my mother on an airplane and I began the cross-country drive home to Texas. This time I had no awesome Spartan trailer and no posse of awesome friends. Just me and the dog, a poor little American Eskimo, relocating to the Gulf Coast.