Look at this beauty from Vintage Trailer Supply! I was surreptitiously checking my phone while in a post- thanksgiving meal daze, and behold what popped up when I cruised over to VTS. I was already in a cooking mood, having just laid out the feast. Is that not the best looking RV stovetop you've ever seen? Well, ok, it's not like I've seen a lot of them either, but let me just say: I think it is quite handsome. 

It also means that I have made two decisions- one, to officially forgo putting the original stove back in and two, Yes, please, propane. 
I do lament the loss of little old stove, but it needs lots of work, takes up a fair amount of room, and, frankly, is a little scary. 
I also realized that depending on electricity for even putting a kettle on was not for me. 

So, I'm happy with this. I think it looks clean, elegant and efficient. Feels right. Got to give my money to the wonderful VTS, which is a good way to spread it around. 
Oh, and I also bought a toilet, but frankly, I just can't bring myself to get all show-n-tell about that. I mean, its a loo. Procured and done. Nothing to see til it's installed;) 
See? This IS happening! 

Further proof this is happening: look what arrived from Amazon today! 

I consulted with Mary who told me to go a little bigger rather than smaller, and since she and Roma do most of the dishes when we camp, I deferred. 

The RV web sites had a lot of bar sinks, which helped me do my searching. This one is 8 inches deep, so a little deeper than most and basically 16 X 18 inches. One key feature is the full size drain. The original sink has a drain hole about the size of a pea, and it was forever an issue. In fact, my mom, who as I mentioned, does not always have the fondest memories of the trailer due to the fact that she was Head Chef and Child Wrangler, still gets riled up when you mention the sink. So, when she asked what I wanted for Christmas, I told her it was fitting for her to fund the purchase of the new sink, lol. Problem solved! - maybe 40 years late- but, you gotta take a long perspective on these things:) 

Next up in our Odyssey: A Toilet For The Ages! 

It's here. The time. This is happening, now, completion expected by the end of the year!! 

Yes, it's been in the making for so damn long, even I can't quite believe it. But, Hell, high water or months of ramen noodles, it's ON. Have given the go ahead and committed the money to get the Spartan back to her glory. 

To be fair, when I gave her over to the contractor, I told him I was not in a hurry. We had started talking in the Fall, and then we had the wreck and then somehow, the slow season for the contractor was over and he had lots of work. So this year, I knew my chance to get wonderful detailed attention was between Nov and Jan, when everyone was busy with holidays and did not want their house disrupted. 

So, here is a picture from about 2 weeks ago. The windows have been replaced- look at that clear, crisp view. There is new wiring, and new plumbing, including the propane lines. I don't know if I will use the propane... the stove is in poor condition and likely will not be put back in unless as a prop/ storage. I am torn on the hot water heater- electric or gas? Speak up if you have experience or opinions! But, in fact, with our climate, it is unlikely to get used much regardless. An outdoor shower/ bathhouse is a likely feature for the property it ends up on. 

I told John that the number one thing I am most concerned with is that the wood work looks correct. John is a finish carpenter as his first love, so I took that into account when hiring him. 

So, all the years of dreaming, planning, etc... it's now. The challenge with the trailer was the 60 year old guts- it was like a pandora's box in that opening it up meant going for it. So, now that we have gone down to the bones, it is time to put the baby back together. Small things may change, but this is the once-in-my-lifetime renovation. I told my 8 year old: This one's on me. Next time, it's on you- when you're all grown up and I'm really, really OLLLLLDDD! 

So, it's going to be a Merry, Merry Christmas for me! I will blog as I get pictures, but John is about an hour away from me, and I'm not due to go back out until the first week-end of December. 

What do you guys think??? Do you even believe me? Are you out there???