Thought you might want to see what the inside of the trailer bathroom looks like. It is all metal, even the door backing, and the shower drains down the floor. Neat, huh? 

I can't say I remember using the shower much growing up. Most campgrounds have less-claustraphopic showers. Plus, when you are a kid on a camping trip formal baths are largely optional if you can just get hosed down after swimming. 

Most of the fixtures are orginal, including the towel bar/ soap basket/ tp roll holder. I think the shower knobs are house fixtures circa 1980. 

It has recently had a good scouring with old fashioned product called Bar Keepers Friend. Naturally, Tiffany, who tends bar at an Irish bar, did the cleaning:) 

And where is the potty, you ask? Ta-da. In all it's yellow porcelain glory. Why yellow? No idea. Never had any yellow matching stuff. 

If I had to have a weirdly colored vintage toilet, why O why could it not be pink? Or mint green? Damn it. 

To complete your little tour, I'll mention that there is a shower curtain bar that runs around to protect the door. I took down the curtain that was hanging there, mostly on account of it being really ugly. I'm tempted to replace it with something that captures a little yellow... but then again, maybe I'll stick to the baths-are-optional-when- camping concept;) 

4/20/2015 10:43:06 am

Hi there, just enjoying your blog. I just got a 1951 Royal Mansion. I have to find a toilet for it and am wondering if you're positive that's the original. It looks pretty modern and not like the 3 toilets someone showed me they have in their 3 Spartans (they're all very "house" looking white porcelain toilets with tanks)... Any feedback appreciated!

7/2/2015 06:57:19 am

I've been a student of the "Royals" for a while now. Toilets did not come in the units until later. It was easier to relieve yourself in the wild than it was to shower in the wild.

If you want to maintain the look of your Royal Mansion but absolutely insist on indoor facilities, look at some of the institutional (jail, etc.) stools available. They have stainless models that would integrate well with the original bath without taking up TOO MUCH space. Acorn is one manufacturer, there are others too.


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