There are some things that just, well, shut me down. Hit my OFF button, make my eyes glaze over (MEGO), Slip Out The Back, Jack.... I could go on, but I'm boring myself and slipping into that very state.  Got it? 

Detailed paperwork + Bureaucracy+ Unknown Expenses I Don't Want To Incur set all these bells ringing. I can be practically comatose just thinking about thinking about items on my to-do list that involve these horrors. 

So, it is with amazement and pride that I inform you that I went to the $%#@^&$$$ Texas DPS last week and got all the paperwork in order for the van. A Christmas Miracle!! Yup, in a process that straddled 2 states,  my insurance agent (well, it did NOT straddle him personally), a sheaf of papers, a notary (also no straddling), digging through two file cabinets, my 89-year-old father's signature, an iffy "inspection" at one of those 30-minute-or-less places, two trips downtown, and $3.40 in change for the meters, the Groovy Camping Van known as Big Blue is now titled, stickered, plated and legal in Texas. 

While I try to avoid stereotypes, I feel this calls for a YEEEE-HAWWW. 

Insomuch and furthermore and other bureaucratic type bullshit words, I now am also thisclose to being able to say the same about the trailer itself. Other than what is bound to be a helluva misadventure getting the Spartan weighed and "inspected"(????), I have all the necessary pieces according to the minion at the DPS. So, as soon as the Zanex and reflex to curl up fetal position from this run in with The Law wears off, I'll jump riiiiight on that. 

BTW, Happy Birthday to Big Blue, who turns 25 in 2011, thus becoming- don't choke!- a classic vehicle. Ooooooooooo. Hee hee hee. It's still fugly, but, hey, it hauls my baby, so I'm on board. 
Glenn Anderson
11/21/2011 01:06:16 pm

I too am from Oregon and have a 1950 Spartan Royal Mansion. Getting ready to restore it, maybe in a few months.



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