It's about, oh, say, eleven-billionty degrees today in the fine state of Texas. Which makes a young girl's fancy turn to dreaming of cooler days- cooler days Glamping, that is. 

One thing I love about trailer camping is that you get to bring EVERYTHING your heart desires. In my case, that means anything I think might be possibly FUN. Despite the fact that most of camping involves basics- food, lounging, hikes or if yer lucky, swimmin'- I still love to pack up goofy stuff to do. Crafts, books, oddball projects.

From this mindset, we have a morning tradition called eggz-n-tattoos. Kids love it, but frankly, we like everyone to participate. The jist of it is having a broad selection of temporary tattoos. While breakfast is getting made (hopefully at someone's campsite who makes BACON, since my camping posse is largely vegetarian, while I like bacon more than I like pigs) we load everyone up until they look like Bart Simpson on a bender at the crappy tattoo shop. 

We even tattoo people who have lovely real tattoos; the point is to accept some body-sticker hospitality.  The temporary ones sweat and rub off and contribute to the feral, showers-are-optional look that means you are havin fun camping. 

Totally dumb, I know! But it's one of our dorky traditions we look forward to. Do you have any camping traditions? Are they as pointless as this one? Let's hear it! Spill!! 

(I'd like to thank the etsy vendor, whimfactory, for the cool image I have poached here. I notice the artist is from Austin, so yeah baby, bring it on home!!) 

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