Further proof this is happening: look what arrived from Amazon today! 

I consulted with Mary who told me to go a little bigger rather than smaller, and since she and Roma do most of the dishes when we camp, I deferred. 

The RV web sites had a lot of bar sinks, which helped me do my searching. This one is 8 inches deep, so a little deeper than most and basically 16 X 18 inches. One key feature is the full size drain. The original sink has a drain hole about the size of a pea, and it was forever an issue. In fact, my mom, who as I mentioned, does not always have the fondest memories of the trailer due to the fact that she was Head Chef and Child Wrangler, still gets riled up when you mention the sink. So, when she asked what I wanted for Christmas, I told her it was fitting for her to fund the purchase of the new sink, lol. Problem solved! - maybe 40 years late- but, you gotta take a long perspective on these things:) 

Next up in our Odyssey: A Toilet For The Ages! 

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