I have always considered myself lucky in that, as an "original owner", my trailer had never been plucked of all it's little cool tidbits. I have all the original shower stuff, like towel bar and little wire soap basket. I have the original porch light and lighting throughout. And, I have all the original cabinet hardware. But now that we are putting Humpty Dumpty back together again, I found myself in need of a few extra drawer pulls. (mmmmm....new trash/recycling cabinet...mmmmm)

Ahh, the magic of the internet. It is especially strong for those who need weird, obscure, 60 year old parts. I went back to the Etsy shop, Vintage Trailer Shop, where I had bought the red glass beehive taillights, and lucked right out. I happily snapped up a set of 5 of pulls. Only guess what? I opened the box when it arrived and out popped a lagniappe- pull no 6! Lucky dice! 

While I think I have wiped out the stock at the above site, never fear in case you or a loved one needs some of these fab chrome pulls. I'm not just bragging- I have a resource for you: I found another great shop on Etsy, Not So Hardware who has the most elusive of vintage goodies: Old Store Stock. Of these exact handles!! That's like finding a unicorn! So, if you have a spartan, or a vintage trailer you want to trick out in original 50's style, I suggest you pick up a few. (BTW, the shipping is for as many handles as fit in a small flat-rate box, so LOAD UP.)

The world is SO full of interesting people, doing interesting things. Pretty awesome, yes? 

(Ya'll know what a lagniappe is? Mark Twain once called it "a word worth traveling to New Orleans to get". And, I'm just giving it to you! You're welcome. Regional words for the win!) 

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