Here is the fridge I'm probably going to go with. $250 bucks, free shipping, Thank You Amazon. It gets pretty good reviews, and a surprising number of them are from RV/ Camper/ Boat owners, which makes me think it might be more durable than the garden-variety type I could get cheaper at a Wal-mart type store. I can also purchase a 3 year warranty (+$35), which is not my usual MO but might be worth it in this case as, you know, fridges probably are not at their best on bumpy roads and enduring the power turned on & off repeatedly. 
I like the 2 door aspect of this, and since I can build in some ventilation/ space this seems the best choice. 
Actual RV fridges suffer from severe ugliness and cost 2X. Not impressed. 

Here is the VERY BEAUTIFUL fridge I would put in were money no object. Ironically, it costs 4X to 8x more (depending on size), and gets absolutely DREADFUL reviews. My favorite review is actually titled "Fur Coat no knickers" on the UK site ReviewCentre where 59 reviewers have given it a whopping 1.1 stars out of 5 stars.  It's a Smeg, and Google it yourself if you want to know the gory details;)

P.S. "Fur coat no knickers" is now my favorite response and I am hoping to drop it into as many conversations as possible, context irrelevant. 

1/16/2014 12:51:43 am

Any advice from other RVers about how to keep it locked and be able to actually drive without the door flying open?

Ryan n Ivy
1/31/2014 03:55:27 am

I'd use a bungee cord. Sometimes you just can't beat simplicity.


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