It's here. The time. This is happening, now, completion expected by the end of the year!! 

Yes, it's been in the making for so damn long, even I can't quite believe it. But, Hell, high water or months of ramen noodles, it's ON. Have given the go ahead and committed the money to get the Spartan back to her glory. 

To be fair, when I gave her over to the contractor, I told him I was not in a hurry. We had started talking in the Fall, and then we had the wreck and then somehow, the slow season for the contractor was over and he had lots of work. So this year, I knew my chance to get wonderful detailed attention was between Nov and Jan, when everyone was busy with holidays and did not want their house disrupted. 

So, here is a picture from about 2 weeks ago. The windows have been replaced- look at that clear, crisp view. There is new wiring, and new plumbing, including the propane lines. I don't know if I will use the propane... the stove is in poor condition and likely will not be put back in unless as a prop/ storage. I am torn on the hot water heater- electric or gas? Speak up if you have experience or opinions! But, in fact, with our climate, it is unlikely to get used much regardless. An outdoor shower/ bathhouse is a likely feature for the property it ends up on. 

I told John that the number one thing I am most concerned with is that the wood work looks correct. John is a finish carpenter as his first love, so I took that into account when hiring him. 

So, all the years of dreaming, planning, etc... it's now. The challenge with the trailer was the 60 year old guts- it was like a pandora's box in that opening it up meant going for it. So, now that we have gone down to the bones, it is time to put the baby back together. Small things may change, but this is the once-in-my-lifetime renovation. I told my 8 year old: This one's on me. Next time, it's on you- when you're all grown up and I'm really, really OLLLLLDDD! 

So, it's going to be a Merry, Merry Christmas for me! I will blog as I get pictures, but John is about an hour away from me, and I'm not due to go back out until the first week-end of December. 

What do you guys think??? Do you even believe me? Are you out there??? 

12/13/2013 01:06:22 am

Hello ...loving your spartan...My wife and I purchased a 1946 spartan manor and are in the process of restoration...im curious as to why you put all of the small pieces of wood along the frame? Just wondering..we are new at this and could use as many tips as possible..Thank you Justin and Kayla Bowers.

12/13/2013 01:20:16 am

Hi! Wow, it's so flattering when people I don't know IRL read my blog:)
I will talk to John, but from my understanding, the wood blocks are there to attach the wood frame to. You do not want wood directly on metal or you will have condensation/ sweating which will damage your wood.

12/13/2013 01:27:54 am

Lol..awesome... Cool..OK glad to know...I used bubble insulation and I'm going to do two layers...what I was going to do is lay the other layer directly on the metal...but your right...those pieces of wood are a really good idea...by the way...love your spartan ..sorry for my writing too ...not much on proper punctuation. Lol ...I would have went nuts if someone willed me a spartan..I bet you are super thrilled. Your dad must have been a really awesome guy.

12/13/2013 01:49:31 am

Justin, Be sure to check out the Spartan group on yahoo. It's usually way over my head technically, but really supportive people. Lots of experience shared! Also, pics?

12/13/2013 01:59:34 am

http://lifeinthebestmanor.blogspot.com/?m=1 https://m.facebook.com/lifeinthebestmanor?__user=100000838588416 cool deal.

12/13/2013 02:01:07 am

I think if you click on my name it will take you to my Facebook or blogspot


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