Kids, we are starting to look like an actual trailer again. The wood is roughed in, and I have to say: I'm VERY happy with the 1/8 inch natural birch. I think the curves look fantastic, the grain in nicely visible even unstained, and it feels good in there. 

So, here is the timetable: 
Next visit- 1/25. Between now and then the cabinets will be refitted, repaired and rebuilt. They will be sanded down and all the wood will be unfinished and  freshly refinished so we get a matching stain. 
I have decided to go very original with the layout, with minor changes. The original Dixie stove is out (safety/ practicality). The range will be built in where the Dixie was, so the galley counter will have a little "L" countertop added to drop the range and a cabinet built underneath. 
One other minor change, the non-working gas heater by the front door has been removed. This should add enough space to add in a cabinet with a pull-out trash/ recycling bin to the kitchen. It will be small, but this is a very practical move. Even with such a big trailer, it is not fun to have a trash can/ bag of garbage floating around getting in the way. 

At the 1/25 visit we should be down to details. The idea is that the following Sunday- 2/2- Tiffany and I will show up and liberate the trailer!! It's unbelievable, really... 

...and I still have to finalize where I'm going to put it as Nichole's property is on the market and it can't go home to that field. I think I have found a storage place not too far from me to take it. BUT...

...On the week-end of 2/14 we are going to take her out for Sugar Plum's Birthday. This is trickier than it seems... want to have a crowd for cookout and party, so needs to be close enough to town for guests. State parks (I LOVE State Parks!) are all at least an hour away. RV parks, well, let's just say I'm sure there is a special little park somewhere that isn't a concrete Hell and that thinks a Vintage trailer party for 9-year olds is fun, but I ain't found it yet. Sigh. That is a whole other rant, consider yourself spared. 

And finally- do you know how much stuff you can fit in a 33 foot trailer? John told me he had put the contents in storage, and silly me- I did not ask any questions. So, I picked up a huge jumble of garbage bags full of musty and worse for the wear stuff. So, now I am in the process of loading those bags up and seeing what can be salvaged and cleaned so I can magically pull it together to go out in the trailer on 2/14. See tuckered out lil' doggie in back seat crammed with misc stuff. 

But... I'd be lying if I did not say I'm looking forward to playing house, so BRING IT ON! Finally, something I'm good and and understand!!!

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