... but another Spartan owner has asked me the plans for the bathroom remodel. 

Crappy question, my friend, bwa ha ha ha ha... Oh God, I'm 12 AND incorrigible. 

The bathroom in the Spartan works. (Well, worked, before we gutted it). Or, I assume it worked. But... we never used it. 

It just seemed too gross, tbh. We went with campground facilities or good ole peein' in the woods. Even growing up, when campgrounds were often more basic, we tended towards a portable potty.  (Which we, ever so classily, might I add, called The Bucket.) My parents were concerned when I left that little bit o joy in the dump pile when I claimed my silver beastie in 2010. And, yet again, they were mostly right. I never woulda peed on a Walmart parking lot curb (don't judge me!) if I'd brought that sucker along. 

Well, now it's my day and I have decided I will put a small rv toilet in the trailer. For nighttime mini-business ONLY. The plan for the camp is to have a bathroom/ bathing house built.  But until then, the toilet may see some action. (Gah-ross! Sorrysorrysorry ISAIDI'MSORRY.)

The bathhouse may feature a compostable toilet, which seems more palatable with more room and nature around it. That's all TBD. For now, yes, 1 conventional RV toilet. 

My friend Alison built an amazing house and lived in a small "cabin" on her property w/o running water while she was under construction for 9 months. At one point had a "medical handicap toilet" positioned discreetly outdoors- with cat litter in it.  She said that while it did not bother her, it freaked the F outta her guests. She ended up getting a traditional porta-pot and there was much rejoicing among those who wanted to hang out with her and are more traditional. (Like me, just theoretically, OF COURSE.) 

What about ya'll? Anyone have a real honey bucket? Or all ya'll pee in the wood-ers, too? Would you use the medical toilet with cat litter??? Be honest!
ryan n ivy
8/5/2013 04:36:52 am

I never thought I'd see the words palatable and composting toilet in the same sentence. Other than that, you've been no help, well, except for the cat litter idea. That seems like an excellent way to discourage potential self-inviting guests..."Sure, we'd love to have y'all, just be sure to bring your own litter box..."


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