It will come as no shock that I am much better at buying accessories than I am at buying, you know, actual raw materials that have to be transformed into something recognizable. And the more those accessories look like, well, frankly, jewelry, the better I am at it. 
While I was suppose to be making Very Important Decisions about Fantastic Fans, I got sidelined by this beautiful, classic little fan. 12Volts, hard wires in. It's So Sweet, I know! It's small- just 7 inches- and I think I will tuck it in the corner of the kitchen, someplace where it won't be in the way but can cool down the cook or get rid of food smells. Or just give you that supermodel-in-the-wind fan effect. 

Whoa! Sexy Hair at the Trailer Park!! (Apologies to any Beyonce fans; she's just the first over-fanned hair photo I found!) 
Ok, ok, OK. I know, back to Fantastic Fans, which are apparently, The Thing. I have mixed feelings about these guys. See, I'm not always great at being "practical". I read the reviews that these suckers WORK, the push the hot air out of your trailer- very important in Texas. They cool. They have translucent blades so you still get light. They, very accommodatingly, might I add, make silver covered lids so they look vintage. Except they don't. Look Vintage, that is. I (whispers) think it's kinda ugly.  

So, I have purchased 3 of these, and I am trying to be HAPPY and EXCITED. Which is kinda hard, tbh. But some people, it seems, have the real HOTS for these babies. (See what I did there? I'll see myself out...) 
This is evidenced by the below proof, which I swear is NOT a photoshop mock up. It is, in fact, a published book, which you can pay money for. 

It's, uhhh, well, I'll let it speak for itself: 

“This is a love story. Not just any love story; it is my love story. It may seem like an ordinary tale to most people. There is nothing earth-shattering about it, yet it shattered my earth.”

With alarming honesty, Milks details the lasting love affair that everyone said wouldn't last—the risks they both took and the payoff they finally realized when husband Steve's configuration for a better ventilation fan for recreational vehicles was, indeed, a winner.

Well. O-k then. 

So, what do YOU think? Will I, like so many other hapless recreational vehicle owners, be swept up the thorny rose and strong, manly arms of the Fan-tastic Fan?? And will it be Earth-Shattering???? Will it?!  
7/30/2013 01:20:11 am

ryan n ivy
8/5/2013 04:15:16 am

Awesome.....just awesome..


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