If you had tried to explain this whole vintage trailer owner camaraderie idea to me a few years ago, Im not sure I would have understood it- or believed you, frankly. 

I mean, just owning a hunk of metal you haul around does not seem like a solid friendship starter. 10 minute conversation maybe. But... in fact, it just somehow brings out the commonalities in people. 

First off, you've both committed to well, a big hunk of metal you haul around. But more than that, you both saw the adventure calling, the whim and well, the practical. (One stay at a mediocre hotel and the resulting bill makes a trailer look good even to the unconvinced.) Its an odd mixture- funky and artsy + practical and outdoorsy. Start with those qualities and, actually, yes you do have a real basis for friendship. 

So I am back from a fantastic week-end with like-mided people who inspire me, feed me and make me laugh. I flunked outta taking pictures, but I will sort what I've got and illustrate some posts with them. 

Meanwhile, I have that relaxed but energized feeling that makes $3.75 diesel but a buzzing fly to my rally experience. 

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