What IS going on with my silver baby, you ask? When we last discussed her, she was an empty, decimated hulk, stripped of her birch wood and personality. 

That's pretty much where we STILL are. Painful, I know. Courage, my dears, courage.

Enough lamenting! Time to get the action started again. I am part of the reason for the delay- so many decisions to make. I've probably written before about my desire to balance original/ vintage with practical, best functionality for my life. There are a few conundrums to be solved... plenty of evenings have been spent debating them-  but it is time to get serious and come up with a PLAN. Let's jump in, shall we? 

It basically boils down to a design religious war: built in vs. free standing. 

Above is a similar layout to my trailer. The three main areas, Observation Lounge (OL), Galley and Bedroom are correctly identified/ sized. (My Galley is reversed: sink is on OL door side, stove backs up to bathroom corner of the bedroom. Sugar Plum just wandered up and she thinks it is important to the narrative that I disclose this fact.)  Wayyyy before my time, my dad took out the original galley table and replaced it with a bigger table and chairs. The table was fixed, and the chairs freestanding but had a device for securing while traveling. And... sorry Daddy... just does not work well. Too bulky, too hard to play cards at (um, yeah, critical!) just not a good fit. 

So, as of now, my idea is to build in a rectangular table, maybe a drop leaf so it can be collapsed? I have struggled with the whole booth idea, but I think I'm gonna go ahead and call it- No Booth for me. Alert the press!! Booths are charming, but I don't think I want something that big and fixed... works in some trailers, great in little tin cans, but I think I like the idea of flexibility...

I also like the idea of freestanding chairs. My M.O. in life is to be inclusive, not exclusive. So, I like making it easy to add room for more people to pull up and settle in. Or grab chairs and head outside. 

Ok, well, I'm SO glad we solved that, aren't y'all? What do you think? Will I be happy with built in table? How big should it be? Collapsable? Ideas??? 

Oh, and next up... step into the boudior, darhling... will it be built- in chaste twin beds? A futon like-platform bed? Freestanding chairs/ couch that fold out? What to do??? 

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