Hot off the press...

Lookie, lookie, lookie!!! Wow! Right??? Going Sat to check it out, so hold tight for lots of pics to come this week-end!

1/22/2014 01:52:31 pm

Look at that gorgeous, beautiful, safe-to-use cooktop!

1/24/2014 01:08:13 am

I just spent a couple of hours (on this gray, frigid day) reading your Spartan odyssey --from the start to the present. A fun and fantastic adventure!
Tomorrow my very own adventure will begin...a 1956 Spartan Mansion being delivered to its new home in Driftwood/Wimberley.

1/24/2014 01:23:57 am

Betty! Yay! I'm dying to hear more! Congratulations! What is your plan for your Spartan? Do you live in the Hill Country? I'm really excited!! I met one other Spartan owner, they are in San Marcos. One day lets get them all together for a photo shoot!!! Wow, I'm getting wayyyy ahead of myself here, but I'm SO glad you are enjoying my musings and said hi!

1/24/2014 01:33:12 am

I am in Rolling Oaks half way between Wimberley and Kyle. I'm going to live in it full time--yay! Email me and I'll give you my phone # if you'd like to chat. I saw you checked out Wimberley, I've lived in the area for 17 years...


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