Lest you are sick of posts about what I'm buying for my Spartan, I present to you a post about what I *wish* I was buying for my Spartan. 

While flipping through a magazine I absolutely froze at the most amazing picture of a collection of vintage enamelware, most of it mid-century Scandinavian. Hours spent down the internet rabbit hole later, and I have to say I'm especially fond of Cathrineholm Lotus. 

I think I'm a straggler to this party, but, I ask you: How delicious would a few of these bowls look in the Spartan?

12/6/2013 12:11:39 am


Nancy Lyon
10/24/2015 07:27:59 am

I am very interested in your pictures at this stage of your Spartan Phoenix project. My 51 Imperial is in pristine condition, with of course 64 year ole wiring. I realize that a rewire means taking down the wall panels but I am so afraid of not being able to get her back right


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