Sugar Plum says she wants her birthday party to be at the Spartan and to have an owl theme. Mind you- her birthday is not until February! But we are big believers in celebrating, and tossing ideas around for 6 months prior just adds to the happiness. 

It is also looking increasingly like we will not be done with the renovation until early 2014, so this gives us a good goal. 

The plan is to park at a local campground and set up a picnic and party during the day. Old fashioned games outside, for the big daytime group and then settling in with just a small crew for over-night glamping.  Hot chocolate by the fire- or if we have Texas weather, iced drinks! February can go either way;) 

I love this vintage cake; but we will probably go for something easier to serve, say s'mores or cupcakes. 

Expect to see some party-planning ideas bouncing around on here. And be sure to let me know what kind of good ideas you have for a bunch of third grade campers! 

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