Hello from Oregon. Yesterday was Quite the Day.

Let's just say that after I had been in the air for 6 hours on 2 different flights and waited at PDX for an hour, my mom arrived at the airport in near tears. My Daddy who had a skin cancer spot removed from his face recently was "bleeding". He was home. I called his doctor in the car and the nurse and I talked and she said that some bleeding was normal, so I told her I'd see what things looked like when I got to the house.

We arrived home to what looked like a scene from a freakin' horror movie. Sweet Jesus. Blood everywhere in trails and my poor Daddy just miserable, drenched, absolutely drenched, in blood on the couch.

I called the doctor back and gulped "NOT normal, Mayday, Mayday, coming your way NOW" and bundled up and headed to the hospital.  Sparing you the gorier details, suffice to say it was not as serious as it looked, and the doctor was able to stop the bleeding and re- bandage fairly quickly. The downside was Dad had lost quite a bit of blood so hemoglobin levels, etc had to be checked. After visiting 2 doctors and a lab we arrived home very spent.

At this point I was feeling overwhelmed. I mean, my God, my Dad was very weak, my Mom very freaked out, and somehow, over a "holiday" week-end, no less, I was going to figure out a 33 foot 60-year old trailer?

20 hours after I had woken up, I was finally back in bed, trying to process. And you know what? I realized that though it had certainly been a very trying day, it was actually OK.

I thought about all of the people who had helped us. The nurses, doctors, the adorable cleaning lady who coincidentally had shown up to clean the house as we were bundling Dad up and who proceeded to clean up a nightmare of a scene. The security guard who got Daddy into a wheelchair and took him up to the doctor. The lab people who hurried through the tests. And even the people who helped me at the airport and along the way before my day got really weird. And I realized, people are kind. It's ok to find the grace in needing help. And, amazingly, help is out there.

And I then proceeded to pass out for 12 hours, which further helped my POV.

Upon waking, I decided that "People Are Kind", PAK, is my new motto. And I went on to have a fantastic day thrift shopping for kitchen items for my trailer, hitting Target, and having lunch with my college freind Betsy.

So much to be grateful for.

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