When we last heard from our plucky heroines they were at the Rodeo Lanes Bowling Palace...
So, we blogged, bowled and beered. Well, some of us beered, my sinus cooties did not mix with drinking. Since we're living in a trailer in a WalMart parking lot (n-ice), we had toted our toothbrushes and face cleanser to the bowling ally. About 9:45 we, in turn, serepticiously head to the bathroom to clean up for the night. Ah, Home Sweet Trailer.
Laura is excitedly chatting with Don, the owner of the bowling ally. She's being nice and commenting on the décor, local teams, etc. And then, she picks up what looks like a charm bracelet attached to a picture frame. What? Her and Don chat some more and then next thing I'm hearing is “map” and “chamber of commerce” and “like a scavenger hunt”. Tiffany and I stare unblinking as she dangles 3 little bowling pin charms in front of our dazed eyes and says, slowly, and a little like she's unsure English is our first language: “The Chamber of Commerce here has a civic program where local businesses each sell a unique charm for $1 each. They publish a map of all the participating locations on the “charm trail” to make Pendleton a cool place to visit.” She dangles the visual aide in front of us, and reads the words on the frame: “Pendleton: What A Kick!”. Now, Tiff and I may be a little slow on the uptake, but we are starting to understand that we might get out of Pendleton with a cool souvenir charm bracelet.
Suddenly both Laura and Tiffany squeal. Squeal. Like stuck pigs. They have located a silver travel trailer charm on the bracelet, which can be found at Thompson RV, Inc. 
Pandemonium breaks out. We are ALL on board with this charm gig now. Which is how we find ourselves trotting 3 blocks over to the Oxford Suites at 10 pm to get a suitcase charm. And then walking, oh, a mile or so to the Rainbow Cafe and Bar to get the four leaf clover charm. Hot Damn! Women with a mission. Tiffany is all geeked on on the cool local brews and and finally about midnight I realize that even though I'm not drinking, I'm the one who might fall down. I'm finally reaching critical mass with whatever sinus funk is plaguing me. So, we call a cab and take great delight in repeating to the driver that we live at WalMart and then making him drop us off at the front door of the trailer. Once inside we realize that even without electricity to the trailer it is so bright from the WalMart parking lot lights that we have to adjust the blinds to sleep.
As this point I have to admit that I need to see a doctor the next day. So, we plan a morning of urgent care clinics and charms.
More coming soon...



12/13/2010 08:05:35 pm

So did you get the four leaf clover charm from Rainbow Cafe and Bar?


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