When I think about the whole Trailer Project, you know what gives me pause? The responsibility? The money that will inevitably be spent? The daunting task of driving across the country with a 5,200 lb antique? My Dad’s wrath if I wreck the family treasure? No. Well, actually Yes to all of them. But the Real Scary Thought is that (God’s Voice) I will build it … and no one will come. Now, that would be an epic  DISASTER.

So, I am opening up the Cause. I need help. I need talent. I need ya’ll to get invested in this so that you will actually show up and have Fun there when it is all done.

Consider this the all-hands-on-deck call. I need your contribution: time, ideas, talents, energy, support, whatever.  If you are willing to give something of yourself to the Trailer Project, then you are Part of it.

Give as you are able. I need design help, builders, visionaries, dreamers, company on a 2,315 scary-and-fun -as-hell road trip. I need to locate the perfect piece of land in Central Texas- less than 2 hour drive from Downtown Houston. I need iPod playlists, folks. I need support and enthusiasm.  I need people to keep me from going back to my responsible, practical ways. Keep me (dis) honest.

First step: I need brainstorm input on what would make a get-away a place you would want to go to. I need you to be part of the journey and the destination.

And it needs to be Fun.

2/11/2009 12:11:51 pm

* one I think a get away place needs to be somewhere that we can see the stars. No city light pollution.

* two I think it needs to have trees for shady naps in hammocks

*three I think it would be cool if running water (as in a creek - not plumbing) was nearby.

I drive a truck. Now, not a super large one, but a big one. Also, I know how to drive a trailer. I'm not as good as my Dad or my Brother, but I've moved myself several times with horse trailers, flatbed trailers, and gone fishing with boat in tow lots. SOoooo, I hereby nominate myself to be one of the road companions to help with the Oregon Trail in Reverse journey!


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