Having recently decided to keep free standing chairs (vs. booth seating) in the galley, it's time to start the wish list of furniture. I also thought it was time for a little eye candy, so: you're welcome. 

This, at least, is an easy choice for me. I grew up with Series 7 chairs in our kitchen, and it's time to go home again again. Sadly, those are looong gone, distributed to the universe many a moon ago. 
They still make them, but they are $600 per chair, and spending that seems unreasonable when I do want them hauled into the woods and outdoors regularly. Vintage ones can be found, too- will be looking at prices/ condition. There are also various knock offs- see the red example from Crate and Barrel- which might be more practical, less precious, and a spot of color. 

Round Top is this week-end and I was tempted to go check it out and start hunting, but I restrained myself and will focus on the trailer itself first. 

Regardless- this is the chair idea I'm going for. Stackable, clean lines, comfortable, easy to wipe clean and vintage without being campy. 

The Series 7 debuted in 1955, making it timely for my trailer. You can read more about Arne Jacobsen and see more of his work if you are interested. 

See why I am seduced out of a booth? 

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