Naw, not him- the trailer. The trailer- with what appears to be a bounty of windows and doors. Behold a smoldering (and smoking, yuck) James Dean by his trailer on the set of Giant in Marfa, Texas. I don't recognize the make, but I do like those round windows. Is that THREE doors? What the heck is that? Mayyyy-be a Spartenette, but I don't think so? 

Sometimes I'm such a failure at esoteric knowledge! You'd think that being both interested in vintage and trailers, I would have mentally registered this rather well known image in the past and made the whole Marfa- Vintage Trailer- Cool Factor connection, but No. I came across the image today and was completely surprised to see the trailer.  

I have not been to the famed El Cosmico in Marfa; I admire the pictures I have seen and the vision, though. I am always happy to see people do cool things with these amazing old aluminum sculptures. 

So... anyone know what kind of trailer this is? Anyone? Grandma, are u out there? 
9/6/2013 10:40:06 am

I believe that's an Airfloat. I recognize the windows from an eBay ad I recently ran across


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