In anticipation of the Vintage Trailer Rally this week-end we are all a flutter. I am (gasp!) driving Blue up by myself (well, with my 6 year old co-pilot) on Thursday. Tiffany and I headed down to where the Spartan is stored yesterday and hitched up Blue so I would not have to do it myself.

Tiffany also decided my mirrors need an upgrade, so voila, new towing mirrors. Thanks Tiff!  

I have also been trying to doll up Blue so that it does not look quite so much like a band of roving thugs or mariachis is going to pop out of it. Wadda ya think? 

If you are thinking that now Blue looks like a band of roving clowns might pop out of it, you can hold your silence, mmmm k? 

I do think it looks more festive at any rate. 

It was a wonderful day to be out puttering around at the trailer. Sunny, fresh; Spring in Houston is underrated. Here is an amazing thistle that was blooming by the back door. It was huge- maybe 1 1/2- two feet in diameter. 

We are packing up an impressive collection of odds n ends and getting ready to hit the road in the morning. Eggs boiling on the stove. Bubble wands, coolers and solar flashlights stacked by the back door. Happy, bouncy kid deciding what treasures make the cut to fit into her backpack. Slow realization that I am actually having one of those moments when the anticipation may be as good as the event. 

Then again, no s'mores at the moment- so I hold out for perfection.

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