I promised to tell ya'll all about the sweethearts over at Starlite Classic Campground over in Canon City, CO. The Starlite is a fab-u-lous RV park- AND- drummmm rolll.... they have an assortment of restored vintage campers you can book to stay in.  To picture this, think wonderful little cabins-- made out of vintage jewelry. Or just go look already. If you are too lazy to click, check out this 
sa-weet picture of "Joise", a 1958 Alio, that I blatantly copied off of their websiteSigh. So dreamy. I mean, how amazing is that? No elbow, sewing machine or axel grease involved and you get to live the vintage trailer life with the turn of a key. 

Starlight is the great-idea-made-reality of a gal named Sylvia and her beau, Larry. Their darling place, just opened, like, 2 weeks ago. Ok, ok, I know I exaggerate all the time, but really, the real two weeks ago- like April 16th. These people are just wicked cool. When I grow up, I'm going to be these people. I want to keep making hot links to their place so that you will go look. I promise to seek help for this annoying habit right after you go freakin' look. They have half a dozen or so cuties ready to go, and a dozen or so in the works. How lovely will that be when they are all tricked out in their Sunday best? 

In addition to being a trailer enthusiast, and openly cavorting with a known trailer enthusiast, Sylvia is just plain ole NICE.  Hot off of my freakish phone call with the RV resort (unnamed and unlinked; I was raised right, thankyouverymuch) that only welcomes rigs made after 1998, I called up in what can only be described as a panic. Sylvia calmed me right down. Did I tell you how NICE she is? She tutted with me about Trailerism, made purring noises about my trailer, and gave cheerful support for my quest to get it back to Texas safely, while having as much damn fun on the way as possible. 

Go! Go! Go! Go look at the link and make plans to go stay there soon. My spot is secured. But you don't even need yer own trailer- remember? It could not be any easier. 

Or, you can bring your own trailer. But, confidentially, I must say I counseled Sylvia and if you drive some new, showy-type white box, made after, say, 1998, she just might turn you down. I mean, a place has gotta have standards
9/6/2010 01:17:01 am

Hi! Just found your website, so love you blog so far. I found your website from a link from the Starlite campground. I've been meaning to go down there and ask for advice. For some strange reason, I have been bitten with the vintage camper thing. I bought a little 1968 camper last year. And started painting and cutifying it. Then, while riding my horse, I FOUND a 35 foot Spartan Trailer, 1952, Royal Spartanette, on our cattle lease. Been sitting there for 20+ years. Asked the owners and they were happy to give it to me. Brought it home earlier this summer. Lots to do on it before it's habitable. I'm not to far from the Starlite, about an hour, less if your a bird. Thanks for sharing with your blog, it's very entertaining and I don't feel so lonely!

9/20/2010 01:54:52 pm

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Faith LaHaine
3/14/2017 02:29:29 pm

I would like to know the website to make a reservation to stay at this unique campground! Thank you so very much! I can't wait to go!


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