One very comforting thing about John the Contractor is that he is Very Tidy. I know: that IS a strangely prim sentence. But, truly, given that the trailer recently looked like the remnants of a plane wreck deep in the jungle, I have learned to appreciate the beauty of order. 

It's still spooky- like looking at negative space- but not as horrifying. More mystifying. Where's my beautiful honey colored birch wood? Where's my cute stuff? Um, where is the floor?? What is the meaning of life? Will I ever find true happiness?? Whoa, dude, gotta sit down again. My head hurrrrts.

John IS Tidy. The black hole in my trailer universe is just an illusion. My trailer still exists- albeit in 10,000 neatly stacked pieces.

7/22/2013 12:29:19 pm

Great progress! That frame is in BEAUTIFUL condition. The belly pan appears to be complete too, which is rare and shows how well maintained she has been :)

7/25/2013 07:44:02 am

Whoa. I had not seen these pictures. There's no way I could have done this even if I did have the space, tools, & know-how. Way too much emotional attachment to do this kind of deconstruction to get to the root of the problems.

I'm going to pretend that this is already in the past, and our beautiful velvet sofa and table, set with the Orla plates, is still waiting in the pasture for our next adventure.

4/8/2015 01:55:41 pm

I am just curious how he was able to get the flooring in? My family and I will be moving into a trailer but are completing gutting it out similar to this. The flooring is what we are stuck on right now, just curious how they did it! Please get back to me if you can.


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