I can't believe no one caught this and told me!! 

You guys don't tell me anything! Have you ever heard of this place? The Sou'wester Lodge??? Me neither, but now that I have I'm pretty obsessed with it. 

Located in the Pacific Northwest, in Seaview, Washington they are a fabulous old lodge, built in 1892 that has guest cottages circa 1950's and a bevy of vintage trailers you can go stay in. I'll just let you breathe that in. Fantastic, right? 

You can also bring your own sweet vintage trailer, which I gather lots of folks are doing. Looks like they Know Their Market, and host vintage trailer rallies. They just had a Spartan-only Rally! I'm pretty sure I would go into a coolness-induced coma. Yes, yes I would. 

I know it seems like Spartans are popping up like popcorn all over the place lately, but seriously: I have only seen 1 or two others In The Wild. And by "the wild" I still mean "the zoo/ campgrounds that welcome vintage trailers". I have never seen another one on the ROAD. 

And if I can just get to the farthest edge of Washington, a mere 2,472 miles from my current location, I can apparently double my lifetime sightings in one go.
Sorry for the un-cropped image, but I'm too impatient to wait til I get home to fiddle with it. This is another image from the Sou'wester, and I see 4- 4!- Spartans. They even have a 1950- HI!

I'm generally a quality-over-quantity person, but OMG- QUANTITY! A wealth of Spartans! Whew, fanning myself over here. What is the collective noun for spartan trailers??? A gaggle? A herd? A pride? A MURDER, cuz it kills me??!!! No one knows because a group of them has not been spotted in 50 years:(

Has anyone been here? What was it like??? I just know the people who own this place have to be amazing. Indie bands playing, rallies hopping, and alllll that sleek aluminum.

If you live in the PNW- and I know a buncha you who do- expect to be harangued next time I catch up with you. Someone needs to GO CHECK IT OUT!!!! DO IT!!!! We need DETAILS! 

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