Guest blogger Laura here, Alex is having a few connectivity problems.  The road warriors are enroute to NM, I'm sure we will get the details soon.  Meanwhile, some background......

We gamely took on the mission of rescuing the Spartan without knowing her exact condition.  Lots of the details on the water, electricity, stove and heat were very fuzzy.  Enter aforementioned Trailer Gary, and we were able to ascertain what she has and if it is working.  Good news included 2 working burners on gas stove (propane tanks not empty!), most lights working, water in kitchen and bathroom working.  We all decided to leave the oven alone and even brave Gary thought the oil furnace was a beast we weren't willing to tackle given time constraints and the fact that it is summer and we have sleeping bags.  

Tiffany and Alex are prepared for the lack of all kind of basics. From battery operated laterns to extra ipods with serious playlists. I am still thanking Tiffany for the most awesome rain poncho that I wore as if it was my favorite skinny capris for the solid 2 days of rain from Oregon to Utah.   Y'all, not just one, she brought 2 red rain ponchos!  Better than a boy scout, that girl. 

  However, I need to clarify for you current day RV/trailer folk.  Back in 1950 they did not include generators and holding tanks.  So if you are not hooked up, you have nothing.  Same for the toilet run-off.  Hence the need for peeing in the bushes at Wal-Mart.  Just sayin'.
  A few more details about the Spartan and the tow rig 1985 Ford Econo Van.  For those of you thinking we are a bunch of sissies with the hitching up the trailer situation, you need to remember the Spartan was manufactured a LONG time ago.  I am talking sway bars and special tools here.  Also the van is obviously without the modern day amenities of back up camera or those nice extra big mirrors on the side.  Seriously, my mini mommy SUV has bigger mirrors. 

  Do not fear, dear readers!  We have Queen of Reverse Tiffany with us!  She can back up Big Blue in the dark!  In the rain!  In an unfamiliar campground! Faster than a speeding bullet she has the ball within a  quarter inch of the hitch, ready  to go!  Apparently that girl has been parallel parking her big honking truck in the city for some time now, she's good.  Real good.        
And by this point in the game, everyone is a pro at the hitch situation also.  But it was a little daunting at first sight.  Probably not to Alex, who is brave enough to envision this trip AND make it happen, but me....daunting. Just sayin'.
11/8/2010 03:13:56 pm

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