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Have you been worrying? You know, about my trailer? Sitting in Oregon, getting rained on, and getting no love all these long months? Have you been railing against my irresponsibility? Wondering how a gal could be so blessed with aluminum fortune, and squander it so thoughtlessly? 

Sigh. Ye of tiny, tiny faith. 

Of course I did not forget about my trailer all this time! I am a good mama even when experiencing technical (and a heap of other) difficulties.  

Speaking of faith, let's have a moment of hushed silence for the great retailer we bask in thoughtlessly: Oh, Target, how I love thee. 

Wha? Wha? Wha-t? Stay with me. Stay with me. 

You see, de-vine inspiration struck me last Spring in the form of The Orla Kiely line at Target. I was in Oregon, visiting my parents and checking on the trailer. There, in Target, heavenly music played and a light shone down. (Ok, probably Top 40 and florescent light. Whatever. Hush up and don't ruin my storytellin' ambiance.) 

Target, in their ongoing fashion of bringing style to the huddled, unwashed masses, brought in a line of Orla Kiely housewares in her signature kicky, retro-colors and patterns. It was as if an angel whispered in Orla's ear: "Honey, I know you're Brittish and all, but let's design as if we had a classic American Aluminum Travel Trailer as inspiration, complete with awning, grill and picnic table in mind. It will be sooo Summer-riffic." Not, mind you, rainy, though lovely, English Summer. American Hollywood Summer. Perfect Summer, hold the bees.  
 Orla delivered. She worked her magic with Target and they launched a line with just 'bout everything you need to revamp a vintage trailer. First off, she made huge, picnic-table size tablecloths. Work a little scissor magic, marry those to a sewing machine and ta-da! Good bye, old musty curtains and linens. He-llo, kicky toss pillows. She made coordinating melamine (that's fancy for plastic) cups, bowls and plates. A kitchen mat. Laundry bags. Storage tubs. Dishtowels. Even a freakin' apron. It was almost spooky how perfect it all worked out. So, I made a mad dash to every Target in the 100 mile area, and even put out an all hands call to all my girls in Texas to scour their local Targets until Monica found the 2- tier serving tray. In plastic. It was made for a trailer. You will never convince me otherwise!!! 

So, ensued a frenzy of purchasing, measuring, purchasing, meeting with my mom's dear friend and talented seamstress, Sue, purchasing, and voila. A long-distance trailer rehab is miraculously whipped up. Two more trips to Oregon over the next year, and slowly, all dusty dowdiness is shaken off. 
4/29/2010 06:51:05 am

I love it, love it, love it!! It turned out so cute!! I can't wait to see it in person.

7/15/2012 02:17:15 pm

THX for info

9/27/2012 06:36:46 am

Nice one info, thanks


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