Y'all... it's so small! The Nuvite, not the beer. I mean... that little jar was $32.95. Plus shipping- about $40. I'm... perplexed. I mean, when I ordered 1/2 a pound, I guess I was just thinking it would be, ya, know, bigger. Like, a gallon. I know. I'm an idiot. (I would have ordered the pound, but it was out of stock.)

I mean, I love Sephora and all, but I don't even purchase beauty products that cost that much for such a small amount! Sigh. How much, exactly, of this magic potion do you think I need??

At least tomorrow is visit-the-Spartan day. It's so cold here today that school was cancelled... it's a big ole deal to get an "inclement" weather day in Houston. I mean, one that's not hurricane related, lol. We spent the whole day in pj's, ate cinnamon buns, made up some of those little camper boxes, snuggled on the couch... quite a perfect day. 

It's warming up, suppose to be in the mid 40's tomorrow when we are at the trailer. We still think that's pretty darn cold, but, compared to 30 and freezing rain, it sounds just fine. I feel like it's Christmas and I'm the 8 year old! 

Ryan n Ivy
1/31/2014 03:50:13 am

That's the good stuff. There is nothing better, and you need to keep that in mind when you pony up for more, which you will certainly be doing.... I approve of your beer selection as well.


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