Hey, ya know how I always call the trailer people my "nerd board friends"? Ummm, no? No. 


Ok, ok... ok!
Now, don't get all huffy, I mean it in the best of possible ways. Really, I do. I admire people who take up vintage trailers when they don't have all the family tradition and baggage that I have with mine. I mean, it's a huge responsibility- big ole hunk of metal, titles, registration, storage, tow vehicles, (possibly fiery) propane tanks, and then all that 'splaining to people Who Don't Get It. 

So, I figured, hey, get to know some of these message board people in person, have a trailer love-fest, admire each other's silver albatrosses. Vintage Trailer Rally, yeah, sure, why not? 

And so off we went. And we had... SO MUCH DAMN FUN!

Not only are the "nerds" totally cool, they are nice and interesting, to boot. I now proudly consider myself an OFFICIAL Nerd. I have been to a rally, drank the communal Kool-Aid by the campfire- and I liked it. 

I went from "Mewh, maybe I'll haul her out every few years to keep her road worthy" to, well, checking to see how far the Florida rally really is.  (Too far, alas.) 

Seriously, it was a blast. Quite a contrast to the experience in RV parks where most of the RVers are locked up tight inside with their TV's and A/C and look confused and alarmed at the riff raff vintage trailer in the park. The Vintage folks were so excited and friendly. They all had their stories, and vision of why they do this despite all the hassles. They had a joy in being out in their trailers, hanging out, connecting with the outdoors and a few other like-minded nerds. 

Another differentiator was being at a State Park so there were tent campers, park rangers and others with an interest in, you know, actual nature. We were at Buesher State Park in central Texas and my God,  it was beautiful. The moon was full. The night symphony of frogs and cicadas was absolute tonic to the worried mind. 

As I slept in the back bedroom of my trailer, with my amazing daughter bathed in moonlight from the big open window, I felt such deep gratitude to the universe, for all the beauty of being alive and loved and ok. I felt creative and energized. 


Wow. Just wow. 

11/10/2010 12:22:51 pm

Cool!! Inquiring minds want to know.....did you hook up water, sewer and all the other good stuff? Do tell!

1950 Spartan
11/10/2010 01:02:42 pm

Welll, ummm, no. We did get Erika to come check the propane situation out since she is a "propane-ologist" (Certified to own a propane business.)

And, how to put this, well, she turned a very pale shade of green and told us there would be no more propane in our future until we actually got the whole system checked out and updated. Apparently there is some scary-a** electrical tape on the propane lines and we are lucky we did not blow the whole Spartan sky high.

We were just lazy with the water... there was a nice bathroom facility and a tap outside for washing dishes and hands.

7/16/2012 08:13:19 pm

It is the very comfortable option for the visitors. All of the facilities are situated in the RV and enjoy the journey.


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