I don't know that I have the stomach to muse too much on the year 2010. Or work on my 2011 prophecies. Or resolve to be more than I am. 

But what I do know is that I am changed by the adventure of getting my trailer home this past summer. There came a transcendental moment, forgive me, but that's all I know to name it, somewhere along the road. The past was too far behind to touch me and the future was safely held at bay. Mighta been in Moab, or maybe in Albuquerque. Yes, about the time I dropped offline. 

My perception of reality got both less and more sharp. I could breathe, deeply, in a way that made me realize how oxygen deprived I had been. A perfect moment; state of being. Uncomplicated. Connected, but free. 

Of course, the crash back to my day-to-day life was brutal. Problems, both solvable and those that just have to be endured, have pushed me hard these past few months. 

But, the mirage of a better future, the scent of fresh ideas, the buoyancy of life-long friendships... the gift of that magical time, the space and journey. It smashed me open. Reassembled the broken parts in me. Made my picture different. 

I'll conclude by saying I vigorously recommend taking on or doing something this coming year that seems impossible, impractical and slightly dangerous.  Preferably something that occurs to you at 3 am when you are off your guard and your True Self might be whispering to you over your Sensible Self's endless drone. 

Peace & Joy Always. 

9/24/2012 03:46:39 pm

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