Look at this beauty from Vintage Trailer Supply! I was surreptitiously checking my phone while in a post- thanksgiving meal daze, and behold what popped up when I cruised over to VTS. I was already in a cooking mood, having just laid out the feast. Is that not the best looking RV stovetop you've ever seen? Well, ok, it's not like I've seen a lot of them either, but let me just say: I think it is quite handsome. 

It also means that I have made two decisions- one, to officially forgo putting the original stove back in and two, Yes, please, propane. 
I do lament the loss of little old stove, but it needs lots of work, takes up a fair amount of room, and, frankly, is a little scary. 
I also realized that depending on electricity for even putting a kettle on was not for me. 

So, I'm happy with this. I think it looks clean, elegant and efficient. Feels right. Got to give my money to the wonderful VTS, which is a good way to spread it around. 
Oh, and I also bought a toilet, but frankly, I just can't bring myself to get all show-n-tell about that. I mean, its a loo. Procured and done. Nothing to see til it's installed;) 
See? This IS happening! 

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