In that way that the final days before a big event seem to develop a momentum of their own, I am inching closer to the vortex. 

And suddenly, it is the night before my trip and I am packing and doing the obligatory freakin' out. 

Everyone keeps asking, "Aren't you EXCITED?!" and I'm thinking, "OMGOMGOMG I can't breathe, OMGOMGOMG", and I'm shrugging and actually saying, "Yeah, yeah, sure, of course I'm excited.". No terror here, no siree. Absolutely A-OK. 

But in fact, I am feeling that calm that washes over one once the plane takes off and if you've forgotten something you are simply resigned to paying 10X to buy it all over again it in Paris/ Cabo San Lucas/ the Piggly Wiggly. 

So, what exactly am I toting to Oregon? Well, the suitcase with trailer related gear looks pretty odd. I had a brief conversation with Tiffany about if I should write a note to TSA to try to provide reasonable explanation for a solar panel, flashlights galore, shark vacuum cleaner, rainex wipes for the windshield, half a dozen maps, 3 clipboards with random trailer checklists and advice, and of course, a beautiful 2- tier Orla Kiely serving tray & door mat & tablecloth among other really misc items such as pipe cleaners and an unopened box to tin foil. 


Tiffany and I stared into the bag and concluded any explanation would make little more sense than the contents, so we scrapped that idea and I look forward to getting the little note telling me TSA searched my bag.  I'm sure they will conclude that if I am, in fact, a lunatic terrorist I am indeed a stylish one. Thanks Orla! 

I tried to mix up taking what fit in the suitcase so I don't have to buy it again (tin foil) with what I can get at my parents or the local Target/ Walmart. My Target/ Walmart list includes the cooler, lawn chairs, method dryer sheets (for freshening up musty cabinets), sheets, stick up LED lights, zip locks in every conceivable size, bug spray/ sunscreen, and one of those emergency road sets with reflective triangles and flares. 

This random list is largely brought to you by all my fabulous fellow geeks at the Vintage Trailer Group on Yahoo, who have been holding hands with me and politely trying to help save me from myself. 

The outstanding advice, though, I must say was the simplest: "It will follow you." So, my little rolling party, van, trailer and, yes, tin foil are gonna be just fine. 

5/30/2010 05:28:27 am

Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggg! I don't even know how to describe or contain my massive snowball of frenzied nerves excitement and anxiety! I fluctuate continuously from 'I can't wait to get there' to 'Holy Cow this happened so fast' to 'what if I forget something' to 'do I have enough money' to 'have I packed too much, too little, or just enough' to 'omg we are going to have so much fun' to 'dear Jesus are we nuts'!!!! Yeah, that's just a tiny peek into what's happening in my head!!!


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