Oh hey y'all!! Thanks for stopping by my fabulous imaginary party 60 years ago. Here I am in my divine hostess finery and pearls. Time for a cocktail, yes? (I am, apparently, the inspiration for Paris Hilton's bad posture in the future.)

My last post might have seemed like a non-sequitur- the Spartan trailer and the Apple mouse. As I've been foraging for flooring materials I have been musing about elegance, clean lines and the elusive concepts of Good Design and Good Living. What makes the everyday more beautiful, more functional? 

I will spare you a scholarly side trip down mid-century lane, but suffice to say if you have any interest at all in vintage silver- bullet style trailers, this design aesthetic resonates with you. You get it- on some level, it speaks to you. Could be your rarified taste, could be nostalgia, who cares why, but you LIKE it.  Fair? 

I like it, too. Specifically, I like the idea of indoor/ outdoor living, the warmth of natural materials and open spaces. I like architecture that "floats". 
I've been spending quite a bit of time admiring architecture lately. This guy Eichler, one of the visionaries driving modern design, for everyone (he designed for the middle class) well, he saw a different way of living, of taking up space. This is so different from old-style traditional American homes; it was so much less formal. 

Annnd... back at my imaginary cocktail par-tay... what all of this really speaks to in me is that I want to spend more time with family and friends. I was BORN to talk and eat. I want to look at the natural world and connect with it. As I look at these spaces, what I think is how wonderful they are for filling with people and good conversation. In the photo above, my eye goes to the patio and I yearn to be out there. It looks like twilight, which is the BEST time of day. Work done, relax mode ON, time briefly suspended. 

In the photo below I want to turn the vantage point, to look out the glass walls. I want to throw open the doors. This inspires me when I think of building the Spartan camp. I want to be outdoors-indoors. I want cozy and open. I want to fill it up with people; interesting people I know already, and friends yet to be made. I want YOU all to be there. 

What do you think? Are you coming?? PLEEEEEASE come! I'm saving you a spot;) 

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