...until a spread sheet blows someone's MIND. 

I still have vestiges of my former corporate self despite my attempt to pass as an authentic trying-to-find-myself bohemian chick. These deeply seated roots cause me to do oddball things like create detailed spreadsheets about my trailer. 

I know. I know. I KNOW. (Hangs head in shame.) Who takes something as organically fun as a vintage trailer and makes it into WORK? 

But, but, but...Santa, I can explain!

You see, acquiring the trailer was easy. "Hey, Daddy, can I have the trailer?" "Oh sure, Honey." Small talk with my Dad. Easy-peasy. 

Taking possession of the trailer? Well, ok, somewhat harder. See details of the 3,000 mile odyssey by reading posts from last May/ June 2010. 

Actually owning the trailer? Let's just say, I'm seeing an analogy with having a baby here. Trying to make a baby? Easy, hopefully fun, if you're doing it right. Delivering a baby? Well, harder, but you gets lots of professional and friendly advice. Hopefully exciting. Really having a kid? Complicated, amiright? Ye-ahhh, it's like that. 

You see, what I don't know about the care & feeding of my baby-trailer could fill a book. Or, in this case, a laboriously filled spreadsheet. First you get some tabs regarding restoration, filled with goodies like the terrifying "systems" tab which chronicles my attempt to understand and research electrical and propane systems. Or, perhaps you would like the "exterior" tab which explores topics like airplane sheet metal fabricators and polishing compounds? No? Try "interiors" and look at varnish links.  

Beyond just the restoration, there is the Future to Plan For. Remember that idyllic little piece of land I keep waxing on about? See the "land" tab. And the architecture I envision there? And the solar panels? And how 'bout the BUDGET, humm? And does anyone really want to spend more than one night of their life researching composting toilets? No? Then you damn well better get it into the spread sheet the first time, Bozo. 

See? See? It's so easy to slip into old habits. That crumpled to-do list is really just a gate-way drug to a serious spread sheet relapse. Sigh. And like most non-profits, the problem is lack of funds. So, create even MORE spreadsheets to justify and explain the cause. About this time it is wise to step away from the spreadsheet and work on perspective. 

It's a great trailer. I love it. I want the best for it, to see it grow up an become more independent. And to have as much fun with it as I can before one of us gets too old. So, I pedal back on my big dream spreadsheets and try to enjoy the moment. 

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