I went down to see the Spartan a few days before Christmas! You can see some of the support skeleton is in. Don't worry about where you see some "sagging"- there will be cross- skeleton beams that will shore that up and add strength. 

I'm sorry I'm such a poor photographer. But you can see how nicely insulated it's going to be. The framework will be strong- and I think we are going with the 1/8th wood, so it will need that great foundation. I'm happy with that- 1/8 is what I believe it originally was. Also- keeping it light:) 

Another little detail to notice is in the gallery below- the powder coated screws, which will never rust. John calls 'em "forever" screws. 

The fans will be framed out... A lot of detail work ahead, but things are taking shape! 

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