Today it was finally time to start moving in. As ya'll know, I've been sitting on this Orla Kiely stuff since last summer, just itchin' to finally play house in my trailer with it. All this brakes this and safety that sure can get in the way of the actual fun part, namely, cutification.

It was also time to really get into the drawers and unearth some relics of the not-so-cool vintage type. Powered laundry detergent circa 1985 anyone? How 'bout empty coffee cans? (Yes, I kept 2. I know. They'll be useful. But a dozen? Come on.) Dried up sponges? Bundt cake pan? Pancake syrup holder? No, no, and no. Plus I am fending off my parents who think this is a great time to unload stuff on me. More No. 

My rule: If I don't know what it is or don't use it in my daily life then I don't want to haul it cross country. If someone can convince me I really might need it, I'm open to suggestions. Otherwise, OUT. Out, out, OUT. No, no and more NO. 

Lest you think I'm austere, you can see I did find some room in my trailer and heart for some frivolous things. Above see my pear theme kitchen. Orla, natch. My dishes and glasses (melamine and plastic, as befits a trailer) are all nestled into their drawers and cupboards. Aren't they sweet? Awww. I just like looking at them. 

And today I ran around buying new cotton mattress pads for the beds. Some things ya gotta spring for new, ya know? Anyway, you can see the back bedroom is shaping up. 

I also got the drawers lined in a classic red and white picnic check paper. 

But the real work was that Jeff got the trailer washed. No, it's not a mirror finish. Those take hundreds of hours of hard work with a buffer, btw. Praise the dickens outta anyone you see with a real shiny trailer, they deserve it. But, my trailer is a lovely soft gray and clean and I'm pretty damn proud of her. 

And so here we are. Tomorrow Laura flies in around 10, Tiffany around 1:00. Trailer Angel Gary will take us out for a final trailer 101 lesson before cutting us loose on the highways of America. 


5/31/2010 05:35:32 pm

O my freakin cuteness!!! This is the most adorable trailer decor ever! I can't wait to join in the fun and get started on our adventure. I love me some Orla, and it really makes it all feel like a little hotel! But waaaaaay better. I can't even begin to imagine the things tucked away in nooks and crannies, but thank you for holding strong in your "these are tight quarters" stance. We'll need plenty of space for all our canning and rock collecting ;)


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