Ok, so for all my waxing about the miracle of internet shopping: sometimes ya gotta see it. 

Remember the cute lil fridge, with good ratings? Well, it's DOLL SIZED. Guess I had not put it into context that what had been in the trailer was not a standard sized "mini" fridge. 

I found this one in stock near me at Home Depot. Sugar Plum was home from school sick, but fever-free and getting mighty board, so we went off to check it out. 

It still seems pretty dang small, peeps. I guess when I read that it was 4.5 cu feet, I just thought it was gonna be HUGE. Not so much. Well, on the bright side, I guess there will be ice cream, right? Right;) 

Ryan n Ivy
1/31/2014 03:53:48 am

Your model is adorable! Looks like a good choice on the fridge. We still have the original GM Frigidaire. It is a monster, with a freezer sufficient to fit a half gallon of ice cream...and nothing else.


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