Land of Nod! $200 + extra for campfire!! Expensive? Well... not compared to what a real one will set you back:) Actually a pretty good deal! 
Lest you are sick of posts about what I'm buying for my Spartan, I present to you a post about what I *wish* I was buying for my Spartan. 

While flipping through a magazine I absolutely froze at the most amazing picture of a collection of vintage enamelware, most of it mid-century Scandinavian. Hours spent down the internet rabbit hole later, and I have to say I'm especially fond of Cathrineholm Lotus. 

I think I'm a straggler to this party, but, I ask you: How delicious would a few of these bowls look in the Spartan?

I think we need to move this camping--> glamping phenom to it's next logical conclusion: Vamping. 

Crushed velvet dress, askew from the shoulder, satin curtains, boudoir lamps, vase just awaiting for roses from admirers, and red vixon nails. Add a "Hello Sailer!" and a wholesome all-American smile and you are doing it right!! 
Sugar Plum says she wants her birthday party to be at the Spartan and to have an owl theme. Mind you- her birthday is not until February! But we are big believers in celebrating, and tossing ideas around for 6 months prior just adds to the happiness. 

It is also looking increasingly like we will not be done with the renovation until early 2014, so this gives us a good goal. 

The plan is to park at a local campground and set up a picnic and party during the day. Old fashioned games outside, for the big daytime group and then settling in with just a small crew for over-night glamping.  Hot chocolate by the fire- or if we have Texas weather, iced drinks! February can go either way;) 

I love this vintage cake; but we will probably go for something easier to serve, say s'mores or cupcakes. 

Expect to see some party-planning ideas bouncing around on here. And be sure to let me know what kind of good ideas you have for a bunch of third grade campers! 

We have s'mores planned for Friday night at the campground. I actually have a dual purpose in celebrating- it's my Dad's 90th birthday! I saw him earlier this week; we had cake and popcorn and and I told him about the rally. 

In honor of Roger, here is a photo of him in the trailer with my brother George. I'd say this was taken in the early 90's. 
In anticipation of the Vintage Trailer Rally this week-end we are all a flutter. I am (gasp!) driving Blue up by myself (well, with my 6 year old co-pilot) on Thursday. Tiffany and I headed down to where the Spartan is stored yesterday and hitched up Blue so I would not have to do it myself.

Tiffany also decided my mirrors need an upgrade, so voila, new towing mirrors. Thanks Tiff!  

I have also been trying to doll up Blue so that it does not look quite so much like a band of roving thugs or mariachis is going to pop out of it. Wadda ya think? 

If you are thinking that now Blue looks like a band of roving clowns might pop out of it, you can hold your silence, mmmm k? 

I do think it looks more festive at any rate. 

It was a wonderful day to be out puttering around at the trailer. Sunny, fresh; Spring in Houston is underrated. Here is an amazing thistle that was blooming by the back door. It was huge- maybe 1 1/2- two feet in diameter. 

We are packing up an impressive collection of odds n ends and getting ready to hit the road in the morning. Eggs boiling on the stove. Bubble wands, coolers and solar flashlights stacked by the back door. Happy, bouncy kid deciding what treasures make the cut to fit into her backpack. Slow realization that I am actually having one of those moments when the anticipation may be as good as the event. 

Then again, no s'mores at the moment- so I hold out for perfection.

So, an excellent question came up the other day from one of my faithful readers (Ahem, my friend Suzanne): Does the trailer have a name?

And, interestingly, the people over at the Vintage Trailer group on Yahoo were having the very same conversation about their trailers. 

Don't you wish you owned The Glammed Ham, also known as Cardinal Sin? Damn. You think she's having any fun? I do. Or The Chiclet, of which the owner simply says, “It is small, shaped like a piece of Chiclets gum, and owned by a chick”. Man, my trailer looks nothing like a chiclet. It would have to be The Doublemint King Size.

Some trailers have more mystical names: Moonbeam, Hideaway, Woodstock. Funny names: The Tin Pirate, Bee's Knees, The Astro Lounge (I bet you could get a drink there, yes, siree). Vintage girl names: Betty, Rosie the Riveter. And, of course, Bad-Girl names. I love these! Runaway Sue, Calamity Jane, Trixie, Pricilla. Hot Child in the City-kinda names.

All these fabulous names, stories and even pictures just make me yearn. Because while it seems like there are a lot of named trailers out trailer is not one of them.


In my family, we always just called it “The Trailer”. I am tempted to fib to make myself look cooler by saying we at least called it “The Spartan” but lying to total strangers on the internet, while a tradition in itself, is not for me.

Truly, it seems a trailer has to earn it's name spontaneously. So, I'm kinda hoping something will come up on our trip. 

Something that does not recall doom like “The Blowout”, “The Inferno” or “The WTFWIT?”.

I'll keep you posted.
Well y'all,  we are creeping up on watermelon season here in Texas. Mary jumped the gun and bought a promising looking one off the back of a truck this week. Alas, "todo es muy bueno" did not actually translate to, "yeah, they're ripe, lady". So, here's a lil' sumptin to do with those first few ones that are not quite as sweet as they are pretty.

Slaughter the melon. (I personally, don't hold with "seedless" fruit. Neutered fruit! It just does not make any sense.) Puree large chunks in blender with enough water to make it liquid. Strain to remove pulp and seeds. Repeat til you fill up 3/4 of the pitcher. ('Bout 1/2 a good size watermelon.) 

Add maybe 1/2 cup sweetener, say organic cane sugar, to about a cup of the strained liquid in the blender. Juice up 2-3 limes and add to mixture. Toss in a little mint, or not. Blend til sugar dissolves. Add back to the pitcher and stir well. Fill pitcher with ice/ more water to taste. 

Call up your friends and serve up. And, yeah, add vodka if it's that kinda day. I don't judge. 

Guaranteed to make your watermelon live up to it's "muy bueno" potential.